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I regularly offer individual, couples, and family psychotherapy services to adults and older adults struggling with:

  • Depression and sadness
  • Feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, or worthlessness
  • Poor self-image
  • Anxiety
  • Loneliness and alienation
  • Marital, couple and relational concerns
  • Problems with pornography and out of control sexual behavior (aka Sex Addiction)
  • Family-of-origin issues
  • Grief and Loss
  • Emotional scars
  • Career and Lifestyle
  • Issues relating to money or possessions
  • Trouble meeting life's challenges
  • Difficulty managing stress
  • Weight loss and bariatric surgical evaluation and psychological follow-up
  • Religious and Spiritual Concerns
  • Specialized evaluations related to legal issues

Specialized Services for Men: It may seem strange to talk about these services as "specialized" because men often struggle with the same concerns as listed above. However, research has shown that a culturally-constructed "male code" often constricts our emotional and relational life in ways that most females do not experience. We are told that we must be the "sturdy oak," to be the "big wheel," and to "give 'em hell" when things are not quite right. Dr. Ron Levant has coined the term "Normal Male Alexithymia" (literally: inability to name emotions) because this is such a typical part of our socialization as men. I bring substantial experience offering "male friendly" psychotherapy that honors your strength as a man while helping you to develop fulfilling intimate relationships and be comfortable with a full range of emotions. This work often has other significant benefits in terms of your health, ability to manage anger and conflict, and work productivity.

Specialized services related to Weight Loss:  Many of us struggle with issues related to weight loss and weight management.  While behavioral and educational plans are often helpful, they often do not help us understand our motivations for overeating or how we use food.  We can work together to help you better understand these psychological and emotional roadblocks so that these behavioral and educational interventions can have improved success. 

As people lose large amounts of weight, they often go through a period of adjustment.  While some of this is rather typical and not all bad (isn't it great to walk up stairs without being winded and having more energy!), at times more significant difficulties can be encountered.  I am available to walk beside you as you navigate these changes and how they impact your view of self and others. 

Finally, I am available for pre-surgical evaluations for bariatric surgery candidates.  While these will generally be required of your surgeon or your insurance company, they often raise the surgical candidate's anxiety considerably.  Usually people are worried that I will pass a judgment that they should not have the surgery.  Let me dispel this myth.  There are a few reasons that warrant delaying or denying surgery that are supported by research, and these must be ruled out.  The major purpose of the evaluation is to identify areas that should be addressed as surgery proceeds and after the surgery in order to maximize your success.  Let's face it - you're not going through all this drama to have the surgery only to regain all the weight, right?  Of course not!  The evaluation will consist of an interview and a series of psychological tests designed to identify these areas, and one should budget about half a day. 

Specialized Services for Couples and Families: Our emotional problems affect and are affected by couple and family relationships. Sometimes it is the high levels of conflict or emotional disengagement that is the primary concern. In other cases, one partner or member of the family becomes the "symptom bearer" (e.g., experiences depression and anxiety or behavioral problems) that communicates to the other members of the family that something is amiss with family communication patterns, rules about emotional expression, and/or rigid roles and boundaries. Couple or family therapy may offer a very effective and efficient way to address these types of problems, or can offer growth and change opportunities to augment individual therapy. When someone is a symptom bearer, my opinion is that family therapy is the best way to conduct treatment.

**Please note that most insurance companies do not cover marital therapy unless it is being used to treat an identifiable mental health disorder such as depression that at least one partner is experiencing.  Emotional distress is a common reaction to relational problems, but please check with your insurance company regarding the details of your specific coverage.     

Psychological Assessment:  I am available for assessment of adults for a variety of concerns, including but not limited to:

  • Personality Assessment to aid in treatment planning and differential diagnosis
  • Intellectual Assessment to explore questions concerning attention, concentration, and learning problems.
  • Pre-surgical evaluations for Bariatric Surgery candidates. 
  • Selected specialized assessments for court proceedings, which is further explained here.
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